Now that I love the 80s week is over, we can get back to the good stuff. Jewelry!
I've been pretty busy in the studio working on some Collaboration
goodies. The reveal: Monday May 5
- so be sure to check in!

I've been shopping up a storm on Etsy this past week. Some of my
recent purchases include:

Stamp Set from EviesToolEmporium- The absolute best
tool shop I've seen and on ETSY!

Little Teal Bird from Heather at Humblebeads- Can't
pass up these little cuties!

And I discovered an awesome little shop
called JibbyandJuna! I absolutely
recommend this shop, their inventory
is currently all on sale. Unfortunately they
are closing the shop for the summer so
Better get in there and buy your favorites NOW!
Here are the goodies I have coming my way...

Other news: I've been asked recently to be a guest blogger
on the
BLOG! Very exciting news. So
keep checking back throughout the
month of May and I will
leave you links when my little
posts air on their blog!
Off to the studio! Hope you all have a nice BEADY weekend!