Wednesday May 21

New Work from last night. Check out Flickr for details.

Today's sale selection:

Top Left: Damsel Flies- Was $36 - Now $26
Top Right: Beezlebub- Was $32- Now $22
Bottom Left: Purple Dragonfly- Was $27- Now $17
Bottom Right: A Rose is a Rose- Was $32- Now $22

All sale prices are already marked down in Shop.
Check the SALE section to see all sale items from the week so far.


  1. Ohhh! Ahhh! I love them! The tie clasp is so sweet!

  2. Hey Thanks! I was unsure about that silk works?
    I was also unsure about the color combination.
    Thanks for coming by today! I was looking at your blog and commenting about the same time! funny!!

  3. I love the ribbon too Lorelei, it's a very sweet touch for the closure. 2 beautiful necklaces!


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