Wednesday- 4 more days!

Not much new to report I'm afraid. I worked on something special for my friend who shares my same birthday. I will reveal it after I give it to her. :)
I can show you a beautiful bracelet that I recently bought from my friend Cindy Hoo!
I rarely buy jewelry but I cannot get enough of Cindy's rustic, organic designs. They make my heart sing. She made this piece especially for me. And although I only know her "online", she read me like a book and somehow put a little piece of me into this pretty.
You might have seen the new logo on the left of the screen there... I was just recently accepted as being a Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designer. What does this mean exactly? I'm not completely sure. I guess I'm on a Roster on the SRAJD website. If you know more about SRAJD than I do, leave a comment!
Here's what the site said:

"Member Benefits: You don’t receive anything tangible from the SRAJD organization, but you benefit from being part of a growing grassroots effort to raise customer awareness of the difference between artists trying to sell their own creation versus middlemen trying to make a buck off of slave labor and/or assembly-line craftsmanship. But connecting with others and being part of a team that strives to improve conditions for the artist can be considered a reward and/or benefit."

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! It's going to be a nice and warm day! :)


  1. You crack me up - you are the Birthday Mama - can't wait for the posting on your birthday!
    Congrats on your SRAJD acceptance!


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