What Kind of Swatch are you today?

I admit it. I was and still am
the biggest Swatch watch junkie
around. I still collect them. I have like 10.
I have had them since I was
in 7th grade! Whenever
I go to NYC, the Swatch store
in Times Square is
my first stop! It just would
not have been the 80s,
if there wasn't SWATCH!
Here are a few
that I've had in the past.
Here is my most recent collection! I know, I know...But you can never have enough!

Want to see if you can find the Swatch you once had?? You can
search by year on this cool website, and
you can still purchase these vintage Swatches!

Buy 1 Bracelet, Get a Pair of Earrings FREE!
Please convo me your email so I can
send a revised invoice!


  1. I still can't believe it but I never had a Swatch. I always wanted one - especially the kind that smelled. I remember the ad in Seventeen Magazine with the scratch and sniff watches. I wonder if they would still smell today?

  2. Aww man! I don't even remember the smelly ones! Darn!

  3. Thanks for the link and the memories! Mine was a scented one:


    It was the best!

    I wanted an Egyptian one, or a Keith Haring one really badly though.

    Remember those twisty guard things that you could put on them.


  4. Oh yes, I'd LOVE a Keith Haring! Very cool. Smelly huh? I can't believe I don't remember those! And I was an AVID fan all throughout the 80s. Oh yes the Swatch guard. Those are cool. I believe you can also buy those on that website I listed. They don't manufacture them through Swatch anymore. I have a clear Swatch Guard Too. the hard plastic kind that came out later.
    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Anonymous5/01/2008

    Swatch! I can't even remember how many I had, but there were quite a few. I specifically remember a clear swatch and also a black one with real diamond chips (so fancy!). I am very sad to say that I believe I disposed of these at some point in the 90's - I didn't figure that anyone would have a use for plastic watches. Too bad!!!

  6. *GASP! :O shame on you!
    :) It's never too late to buy more!!

  7. I had to go down to the basement and pull out the "old school" boxes (stuff from jr high and high school). I was amazed to find that I had saved my 5 Swatch watches! A few of them worth 4X what they were bought for - and my husband always tells me to quit saving things. HA! Thanks for the link Lorelei!


  8. Hi Lindy!
    YOU ARE KIDDING! Oh I wish I still had the old ones that I had in high school. I can't believe they've quadrupled in value! I'd love to see which ones you have!

  9. My first Swatch was a gift from my penpal - I wore it until the thing the band tucks into and the little nub that fits in the holes broke. Here's my newest one called Tribal Nature:http://www.squiggly.com/swatch/p/product/i/16950/code/FPS018/name/Tribal%20Nature

    It's even machine washable!


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