5:38 am and already 72 degrees!! Oh Snap!


A title has been chosen. Thank you for all the lovely title suggestions! It was a tough choice but I have picked

"Afternoon in the Meadow" kindly suggested by MamacitaBeadworks!
Thank you D'Arsie! Email me so we can make arrangements for your free earrings!

Okay, so as you well know, it's been pretty darn hot the last few days. I mean down-right Hot, the I can't move so I'll just lay here HOT, the I can't even think about beading because the studio is in the 2nd floor oven HOT, the get out of the shower and immediately sweat kind of hot.
Well, I braved the heat.

[Back Story: I reviewed a book a while back called Semi Precious Salvage. You can read my write up here. I fell in love with this book instantly. Then I started looking into Stephanie Lee's background, found her website, blog, and etsy shop and have been drooling over her jewelry ever since. I fell most in love with the necklace on the cover of her book. So I planned out my own Stephanie Lee inspired necklace, with the kind help of Lynn Davis (pendant) and Jennifer Stumpf.]

I was so excited when I got home from work and I had goodies in my mailbox from Jennifer Stumpf. I was able to get some supplies PLUS a little french script etched charm and clasp from Jennifer. This is not like my other work, but I really enjoyed working with this type of medium. The silver chain has been oxidized to the most beautiful color and the etched charm and clasp have this "old" but "new" feeling to it that I can't get enough of in jewelry designs.

And when I ordered this pendant from Lynn week ago, I knew it was meant for greatness. It has this rustic, worn, "old" but "new" feel to it and I knew I could never pair it with shiny silver, seed beads, or gemstones. Aged silver chain, skeleton key, etched charm, and clasp all pull it together well. And I got so lucky!! See the little faceted red beads and the little silver bead? Those were a free gift in a bead order that I placed and received yesterday from NoniesPlace!

The second necklace was also created with the leftover chain from Jennifer. You have no idea how long I've been hoarding that dragonfly pebble from Green Girl Studios! The lampwork bead on the left is from my friend Cindy Hoo. The porcelain flower came from an awesome sale at Tashamck. And the small pewter charm came from Mamacita Beadworks!

Now is the hard part! Naming these beauties! Although I won't be listing the red necklace, the dragonfly will need a proper name. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

What's in it for you??

At the end of the day, I'll pick one of the names suggested, and that person will receive a pair of earrings from moi. I know, two giveaways in one week?? Why you ask? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU BLOG READERS!


  1. Love it, Lorelei! and great pieces by Jennifer, too. I feel like I collaborated on something fun.

  2. Anonymous6/10/2008

    Hi Lorelei! What a beautiful red necklace. I suppose you are keeping that one for yourself! How about que bella for your dragonfly necklace.

  3. Anonymous6/10/2008

    Oooh! So very pretty!! I *love* that red necklace. I also love how you've connected the second necklace in two strands. So cool!!!

    Do you know the work of Nina Bagley? If not, you should check it out. I think you'll love it!


  4. Thanks ladies!
    Thanks Stef, I hadn't seen Nina's work before...LOVE IT!
    Narrative Jewelry, my new favorite thing! I just wish I had more skills with working with silver. Scratch that, I wish I could afford it more often!

    Yes, I'm still up in the air on the red necklace. I loooove it so much, but can't see myself wearing it all that often. I don't believe in making jewelry to sit around an collect dust. So I may list it for sale after I wear it a few times.

  5. Anonymous6/10/2008

    so charming! kuddos to you braving the heat to create,
    you are one dedicated beader =D

    thinking of names.....

  6. just lovely lorelei! i'm so happy to have contributed to your lovely creation. i will email you later this evening...

  7. Great new pieces!!!
    I think I'd call it "Wings of Summer".

  8. Summer Meadows. Actually, I thought "frog pond" first, but I don't think that would work;-)

  9. These are spectacular! They make me think of summer... so, "Summertime, and the living's...." like the old song.

  10. I'm thinking "Lazy Days of Summer," because there are always lots of dragonflies at the 'secret' pond where my son spends lazy summer days fishing. And the necklace has a laid-back comfy look to it, I think.

  11. Anonymous6/10/2008

    "Afternoon in the Meadow"
    It reminds me of a meadow breeze and I love the airy design!
    Thanks for including my charm in this gorgeous piece! I had to try for a shot at winning some jewelry from your shop!
    ~Mamacita (D'Arsie)

  12. Thank you to all that suggested titles! I will definitely have this kind of contest again! I'm always struggling for names!


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