Post updated Sunday June 15: REALLY? No one? Not one of you has any beads you're willing to swap? Maybe I need to give you a few days to clean out your bead stash. I'll post a reminder in the left column in case you come up with stuff later. k? cool.

I'm hosting a bead swap!
I'm in desperate need of a stash make-over. These have been sitting around collecting dust and I'm sure some of you could make better use of them than I have.

Do you have beads in your stash that you want to get rid of? Do you want your beads to find a good new home?

I came up with these 20 sets of beads. If you have beads you'd like to swap for these, leave me a comment or email me at LJEurto [at] gmail [dot] com.

beads in the photos are the beads you'd be swapping for. Below the mosaic, I've given descriptions of each.

Beads I'm interested in swapping for are: freshwater pearls, semi-precious gemstones, lampwork glass, ceramic pendants, hill tribe silver spacers, vintaj brass, faceted Czech glass.

Got something you think I might like, contact me!
If you leave a comment with what you're looking for, another blog reader might have a swap available too! Have fun with this guys!


Details, beads listed top to bottom, Left to Right:

1. Various Green vintage lucite rounds 2. teal jasper cubes TAKEN 3. various size 6 seed beads 4. pale green transparent lampwork beads TAKEN
5. faceted green glass rondelles 6. square tubes of light green jade 7. various faceted glass rondells 8. matte vintage glass melons (3 colors) TAKEN
9. green malachite rounds 10. Red white & black fun mix, glass 11. quartz nuggets 12. orphans (various)
13. 3 Orange Bell lampwork beauties TAKEN 14. Chalcedony tubes 15. crystal quartz, 3 different shapes 16. 2 lampwork coffee beads from Canterbury Keepsakes TAKEN
17. various 4 colors, faceted Czech glass TAKEN 18. Rose Quartz, and heart glass beads 19. Fire Strawberry faceted quartz TAKEN 20. 3 jasper flat ovals


  1. Anonymous6/14/2008

    are you reading my mind lorelei?
    I was just thinking about asking you if youd like to do a little swap'a'roo......
    As I clean my studio to prep for photo taking (Im gonna post pics just for YOU)..I will look through my stashes of 'unused yet far too beautiful to sit around and coolect dust' beads....

  2. Anonymous6/14/2008

    oh, by the way, coolect is the new cool way to spell 'collect'


  3. lol
    excellent. did you see something you HAD TO HAVE in my stash? or do you wanna trade for jewelry?

  4. I love #8 melons! What could I trade for them? Need anything? Great idea for a trade!

  5. Hi Gaea!
    Hmmm, would you be willing to trade ?

  6. How many beads are there in the group?

  7. About 20 beads in the lot.

    I'd take anything you have to offer for trade. I'm not picky.
    Whatever you think is fair.

  8. I would love the #4 pale green lamp work beads as well... #4 and #8 together?

  9. Yay! I was thinking I'll send it with the other goody from the giveaway! You had also mentioned a cloud heart? I have a few in this firing and would love to trade... Let me know what would be acceptable!

  10. Oh my gosh! Lorelei! I was so excited about sending you the heart I totally forgot about the round day of the dead pendant for the swap! I will send it out with the other contest item!

  11. No Prab!

    Send it whenever!

    oh, btw. I don't know if you read Heather's post. She's looking for some art beads to trade some of her beads for. I haven't been using some of the beads I got from you in the big Etsy lots, so I'm offering a few to her (she'll possibly use them in a magazine/book project) She'll credit you if she decides to use them. I wanted to give you a heads up.

  12. Oh my gosh! I'm so nervous! I hope they mind themselves! They can be a bit rascally! ; )

  13. Anonymous6/27/2008

    ooh - trading's always fun - i like the jasper cubes at the top

    as to what i have to offer up:
    * semi-precious stone beads - mostly blues and greens, but a few pinks here and there (i can find the names later if you want)
    * jump rings - rubber, silver, alumnimum (in multi colors), bronze, gun metal
    * LOTS of india glass is lots of shapes (all jumbled up) in basic colors: red, green, blue, pink...
    * filigree findings - gunmetal & silver

  14. Hi Jill
    I'd love to trade with you! What shapes of semi-precious gemstones do you have? Any rounds? or ovals?
    I'll hold the jasper cubes for ya!
    Feel free to email me. ljeurto[at]gmail[dot]com


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