Bummer, It's Monday!

All this heat we've been having, has me thinking of nothing but the beach! Inspired by trips to the ocean, and my new love of the color orange, here is my latest jewelry attempt. I realize it's a little showy compared to my other work. I'm not really used to using more than 2 colors at a time. But I do like how this piece came out. It's bright and colorful and I love the Green Girl Studios Conch pendant paired with their starfish toggle! I bought these two elements from LimaBeads together, but hadn't thought to use them together in one piece. Sometimes it's hard to use more than one Green Girl piece in a necklace because I find myself needing to hoard them for as long as possible. I also used two beaded beads from the very talented Libby Simpson. They really add great texture to this necklace, with their matte finish and iridescent teal color.
Hope you're all staying cool! This necklace will be posted on Etsy momentarily.


  1. Very pretty! And I love the starfish clasp.

  2. Thanks Libby! I was wondering if the color combo would be TOO much... but I think I portrayed a day at the beach quite well. I love the beaded beads in there! Perfect color!

  3. Love it! SO summery and fun!


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