I'm back! Get ready for a heavily pictured post!

I've returned! I know, I wasn't gone that long! But it felt like an eternity without computer access for 2 days!
I had a nice time at home. I was fee
ling all nostalgic watching my sister graduate high school. I didn't cry. Phew! I'm not a pretty crier.
Before I get into the trip pics, wanted to share a few other things with you.

1. Bead Porn- got some "goods" over the weekend! Excited to get into the studio!I received some chain from a first time order from Kathy Domokos @ AD Adornments. It's incredible. I love it! I also got the 2 carved bone Cicadas from AD Adornments. Some polymer beads from Pam Wynn, who now has opened her very own Etsy shop! Check it out! Some strands of beads, Jasper, jade, and chalcedony, and some Czech glass pebbles.

2. Also, last week I received some pretty paper lace from Brooke
Williams. Check out her shop Brookerpie. Here's a pic of the 2 colors I received. I love this look on my packaged jewelry.

Had such a good time at home. I took lots of pictures of mom's chickens. Here's a little video clip of the 2 month old babies she got back in May. They are getting so big, but still sound like babies. They were adorable!

Mom also has a few quail. I'm not sure how many. They are so small and fast. They are separate from the chickens in their own area of the yard.

And here is a pic of the Quail's eggs. Don't they look kind of like beads? They are so teeny tiny.
p r e c i o u s

You can see more of my trip pictures here. I didn't want to totally bore you! I hope I can get up into the studio tomorrow - have a good Saturday night! I think I need a glass of Thirsty Owl.

Have a good night! :)


  1. Loreli, love that photo of the eggs, makes me want to make something with that kind of organic color pattern ...

    Hey, CONGRATS for being on the front page of ETSY again!

  2. Thanks Lynn,
    I love those eggs too. Reminds me of beads! Love the colors!

  3. When I saw those eggs I thought they'd make great beads too :)

  4. Yay! I'm glad you ordered from AD Adornments - they really do have neat stuff. I was just sitting there thinking, Wow, great chain, before I read your post.

  5. mmm - Thirsty Owl wine - I'm so there!

    LOVE the chickens! I wish we didn't have a city ordinence that won't let us have a few. Good teaching tools - plus, what fun would that be!!!!

    LOVE the new do curly - how long did that take to do. When I try to do the upity cute look it dies on me with in the hour. Damn ultra fine hair.

    Sounds like you had a really grand time with the family. Lucky you!


  6. Glad I popped over to be delighted by the chicken video!


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