Jewelry Exchange!

I mentioned a week ago or so, that my friend Gaea was hosting a jewelry exchange! Well, the fun has begun and I received the " First installment" from Gaea today. So, the idea is, Gaea started by putting together a few elements to a necklace design. Going in the order that comments were left on the post, I'm second. I add elements to the design and pass it on. I believe there are 8 lovely ladies on the list. It's a free for all, so anything goes. You can rearrange, or just add on. I chose to rearrange. Here's the before and after.

I've added an antique skeleton key below Pandora's box, purple buri beads, an Orange Bell Lamp work glass bead in a chocolate brown, Vintaj Brass discs, and a Green Girl Studios pewter Strength connector. I've also changed over from Copper wire, to Brass wire! I can't wait to see what happens when Joelle gets it next!! I'll post a link when she's done!

In other news, this Thursday is when my article is being published in the Fusion paper! I'll be sure to share with you somehow when it comes out.

And also, Yesterday I signed up to take a Website Design class over at Pratt this summer. Twice a week for 5 weeks, I will learn the fun of HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash and the like! I don't know if I'm quite ready to start my own website now, but you just never know what the future will bring!

Check out my new stash that I got in the mail yesterday! Awesome beads from Terrestrial! What I love most about these: Inexpensive AND all Large 16 inch strands! Lots of BANG for Your BUCK!


  1. ooh, like what you did Lorelei - nice arrangement and you are so fearless with color combinations - who's next in the lineup?

  2. Thanks Lynn!
    I sent it off to Joelle this morning!

  3. Oh my gosh! I love it! This is so exciting! And exciting for you! I wish I could come and take the class with you! I am self taught and could use class time! Dreamweaver is fun! Have a great time! I gave Joelle an owl tote bag over the weekend with a jewelry/beading kit inside. She'll have no excuses! I'll have to contact the next in line!

  4. I love what you did with the necklace! Gaea (generous to a fault) has given me a tool set and a bunch of goodies to play with. I'm a little intimidated, but excited, too. ;)

  5. Hi Gaea!
    I actually already mailed out the piece to Joelle. She is next in line! Mailed it out this morning so, she should see it in a few days.

    Hi Joelle,
    No excuses! Bead your little heart out! Have fun with it! Think "outside" the Pandora's Box!!


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