Jewelry/Art Exchange

Reading through my usual blogs this morning, I came across an interesting post on the adorable & talented Gaea Cannaday's blog. Gaea found a blog online that did an international moleskin sketchbook exchange. Several artists send the sketchbook around, each adding to the pages and then send it back to the originator.

Inspired by this idea, Gaea thought of a brilliant plan to start a similar exchange but with jewelry. She's hoping 4 or 5 people will be interested in taking turns "adding" to a piece of jewelry (bracelet or necklace) I think this sounds like a blast! If you want to read more about it, go to Gaea's post here... and leave a comment if you're interested!

As you can guess, I am totally up for this challenge. Sounds fun and interesting and I can't wait to see what the finished piece would look like with all those creative "hands" in the mix. Collaborations of any kind are a w e s o m e! At the end, the finished piece could be auctioned and the proceeds could go to a charity, or if you have any other ideas, post a comment here or on Gaea's post.