Yesterday was a full day. Packaging up several sales from the weekend took up some serious time. Then 3 custom orders, plus 3 new pieces to list on Etsy. Whew! I was out cold when my head hit the pillow!
I finally figured out Click-n-ship. Well, sort of. I can at least print labels. I haven't quite figured out how to pay online for my postage yet. It's a learning experience that's fo
r sure!
I still think that using Paypal is easier. But in case I don't have one generated through paypal, like if it's a tr
ade, then I can at least still print postage in another way.
I found an excellent bubble mailer seller on Etsy and just got my first order from her. They shipped lightning fast!
The Beading Tree

I'm still waiting for my new pillow gift boxes from BoxBliss.
It kills me to have to spend my earnings on supplies like boxes but in reality, it's all about the packaging. I have always
been a firm believer in this. People will appreciate the time spent on a beautifully packaged gift. What would you rather see when you rip open that bubble mailer? A little plastic ziplock baggie holding your jewelry OR A beautiful paper laced gift box or handmade origami box with Amy Butler paper?