I'm all alone this weekend. J is out of town painting at a lake house. Poor J! Must be so tough for him! =)

Here's what I did, in list form:

1. Got up @ 7:45, drank coffee, and surfed the net
2. Ate some strawberry pop-tarts, got dressed.
3. Went to Bead shop, bought these lime green beauties, and some seed beads, some copper bead caps, and some cool Czech glass that was 20% off.
went to George's landscaping and bought impatiens, coleus, some wacky purple leafy thing, and some lime green wacky green plant, potting soil, 3 plastic pots.

4. Came home, planted said flowers into said pots.
5. Weeded a flower bed.
6. Went to the grocery store, and bought stuff for lunch and stuff for dinner.

7. Came home, made lunch. Ate on the front porch. (See pics below of planted flowers).

8.Went to the studio. Built this custom necklace for Stefanie M. using seed beads and ceramic beads that she made and sent me.

Made earrings (2 pair) one using copper bead caps.
Made bracelet using lime beads. (*i have a feeling
no one will like this color but I'm going to list them anyway)

9. Took photographs, edited photographs, and am now blogging.

Coming up:
10. Dinner: chicken sausage, couscous, tomato and cucumber salad
11. Strawberry shortcake

12. a movie- probably something really girly and sappy that J would hate. =)
13. ahhh, bed.