Sunday- Reorganization

Sometimes it's good to rearrange things. Is there such a thing as nesting in a craft studio? That was me today. Reorganizing. Nesting. Rearranging. De-cluttering.
I have 2 tables in my craft room. I used to work at the long table, and used the short table to hold all of my bead bins. But the bead bins have multiplied, and I had to stack them on the table. This didn't help the creative processes because half my time spent was searching for beads! Here are some before shots:

Now I've rearranged it so that the bead bins are all on the long table and my work space is on the short table. I have a better view, more natural light, more work space, and I can see all of my beads at a glance. I removed all the hinged covers on my bead bins. I rarely travel with my beads so I figured this was a good plan.

Dug out some of my pottery collection today too. My Aunt Becky is the most talented artisan in my family and she has given me and my mom and sister pots from her collection over the years. I usually snag a bunch from my mother whenever I go home to visit. I am trying out a new photography technique by showcasing my jewelry against a pottery backdrop. I like the outcome! This is one of Aunt Becky's pots. Pretty, right?

New Necklace: Tiptoe through the Tulips


  1. Ohhh! I was really curious about your use of the tulip! It is wonderful! Such a pretty balance of of colors and metal!

  2. Oh! I love the use of the pottery! Your Aunt's pottery is beautiful!

  3. Thanks Gaea! I'm glad you liked the tulip necklace. I had fun making it...such bright and happy colors. I was wondering if I should have brought it some of that orangey peach color but I didn't really have anything in my stash to use! I think the outcome is nice though, not too busy.

  4. Isn't it wonderful to reorganize?! I find if I'm having beaders block..I just start cleaning off my bead area and my mind is cleared out in the process..its fung shei!
    Looks good!

  5. Spring cleaning must be in the air and studio reorganization on the list - same thing happened at Studio B recently. Have you thought about getting a roll-y chair to go back and forth between your very organized tables? Or am I just the lazy one who rolls all around the studio?
    Looks great!

  6. Definitely would be quite helpful. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I'd like to get rid of the carpet. Lots of lost beads on a speckly carpet!!
    Hardwood floors underneath. Perfect for a rolly chair. They tend to be expensive. It's hard to save my pennies for a chair!


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