Remember when I won Designer of the Month for Vintaj's May ENewsletter? Well, because I was chosen, they sent me free product! I got to choose what I wanted. Thinking that I need some practice making earrings, I chose earring wires. Be prepared to see lots of earrings coming in the near future. Listed 2 pair this morning!!

But the REAL reason I didn't really make anything substantial was so that I could totally veg/dork out in front of the TV for 2 hours while I watched my favorite show.
So you Think you can Dance!! I never watched the first season, but picked it up on the second. I cannot get enough of it! This season I missed all of the auditions due to my jewelry addiction, but last night started the real competition with the Top 20!
This was my favorite of last nights episode. I normally don't like the fuddy duddy routines, like the salsa, or waltz. Contemporary and Hip Hop are usually my favorites.

Chelsea and Thayne danced the Cha Cha


  1. I love the blue earrings! Both pairs are really pretty.

  2. Hey Thanks Christina!
    Glad you stopped by!

    I've listed both pair in my Etsy shop.


  3. I'm sure it was much better than Circus of the Stars which is where I landed.... ugg.....

    LOVE the first pair!


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