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So as you know, yesterday I had my little interview with the girl from the paper. It went well. She asked all the typical I got started, what inspires me, what do I like to use, where do I sell my stuff. I have to send her some pictures to use in the article. I'm not sure which pieces to pick. Something that relays well in black and white I guess!

No studio time last night. The search continues for the perfect Graduation gift for my baby sister. It's harder than I thought it would be. Any ideas??

I think I'm having a hard time in the studio lately because I'm not sure what people are looking for. If you have time, answer some of these questions for me. Maybe it will help me focus in on a certain style or color.

*What would you like to see more of in the shop: Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, or non-Jewelry items

*What colors do you look for in jewelry designs: Blues & Greens, Reds,Orange, and Yellows, Khaki, Browns & Greens, or Black, White, clear?

*Do you like: Long Necklaces, Shorter Chokers, Medium length pieces? Short earrings? Studs? Long dangles? Chandeliers?

*What's your preference? Brass, Silver, Copper, Silk, wire?

* Do you lean towards: Pieces with chain, Chunky pieces, Simply strung beads, wire-wrapped beads, delicate small beads?

Remember, any sales made Friday or Saturday will be mailed on Monday morning.
Have a good Thursday Ya'all.


  1. Anonymous6/26/2008

    Hi Lorelei! I am so glad that you interview went well. I can't wait to read it.

    I just voted however I am not sure if the vote was recorded. When you click on the "vote" button you get a message saying this page can't be found.
    I refreshed your homepage and also closed out of the internet and it shows "0" votes so far.
    I don't know if it's my computer or perhaps the counter isn't working properly.

  2. Hmmm, Can you try it again and see if it works? It seems to be working on my end.

  3. Anonymous6/26/2008

    No it's not working. Perhaps it's the firewalls where I work that aren't allowing the page to load.

  4. Strange! Maybe you can try again from home?
    I'm curious- which things did you vote for?

  5. Anonymous6/26/2008

    Medium necklaces
    Delicate pearls
    Bracelets (I'm a bracelet freak)
    Brown, khaki, and greens

  6. Hi Lorelei,
    Chandeliers are in at the moment in the Uk, as are orange and blue together plus dark reds. I always do a pair of earings to match either a bracelet or a necklace but never the 3. Why not get your sister a Saint Christopher, patron saint of travellers if you're Christian. Got my daughter one, she's just gratuated from Uni in Spanish and Media and is looking for a job in Barcelona. I love all your stuff. Just waiting for my oven then I'm baking my own beads. Love the birds you use from Humblebeads! Have a great weekend.
    Lisa H

  7. Hi, Me again. I personally like chunky pieces with a focus, like you use a dragonfly or a bird. My youngest daughter has just informed me than long necklaces are in at the mo, with bright, multicoloured beads at random. 16 year olds know whats in! You could always treat your sister to a pamper day with you at a spa! I also think brooches are back, mmmm....
    Take care
    Lisa H

  8. I love pieces that look like they have history or a story. Brass is beautiful and patinas! All your work is wonderful!

    Can't wait to read your article!

  9. lorelei - not able to do the survey on my end at home either....... CUTE do!!! i love vintaj with blues and grees.... medium to long necklas... ditto on whta gaea stated... I usually buy vintage pieces with a story ... better to tell someone when they comment on how pretty your jewelry is .... i still get TONS on compliments on my heart necklas that was my first purchase from you ...


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