Reminder: Blog Reader sale continues. Take 30% off any one item in the shop til Saturday June 28. Type BLOG SALE in the notes to seller section. I'll send a revised invoice! :)

So as you know, yesterday I had my little interview with the girl from the paper. It went well. She asked all the typical I got started, what inspires me, what do I like to use, where do I sell my stuff. I have to send her some pictures to use in the article. I'm not sure which pieces to pick. Something that relays well in black and white I guess!

No studio time last night. The search continues for the perfect Graduation gift for my baby sister. It's harder than I thought it would be. Any ideas??

I think I'm having a hard time in the studio lately because I'm not sure what people are looking for. If you have time, answer some of these questions for me. Maybe it will help me focus in on a certain style or color.

*What would you like to see more of in the shop: Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, or non-Jewelry items

*What colors do you look for in jewelry designs: Blues & Greens, Reds,Orange, and Yellows, Khaki, Browns & Greens, or Black, White, clear?

*Do you like: Long Necklaces, Shorter Chokers, Medium length pieces? Short earrings? Studs? Long dangles? Chandeliers?

*What's your preference? Brass, Silver, Copper, Silk, wire?

* Do you lean towards: Pieces with chain, Chunky pieces, Simply strung beads, wire-wrapped beads, delicate small beads?

Remember, any sales made Friday or Saturday will be mailed on Monday morning.
Have a good Thursday Ya'all.