AND I'm Back.

Good to be home. So good to be home. Missed you 'Puter! Missed you Blogland Friends!
Here are some pics from my weekend.

1. & 2. Our cottage

.3 & .4 The yard, the bocce
court, the canoe I was too
afraid to go out in.

.5&.6 Enjoying time on the

.7 & .8 Views to the Left,
and to the Right

.9 & .10 Views and The Dock

Looking forward to getting back into the studio! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh I know. But the water was really really choppy due to high winds. I just couldn't do it. I got in and held onto my seat for dear life, and Couldn't even fathom going 3 feet away from the shore!
    Plus the canoe was completely all metal. The sound of the water against it added to my fear...and I swear it was from like 1930. The seats were all bent up and there was huge dent in the front of the boat like someone had taken it out for a joyride after a few too many brewskies! lol

  2. Anonymous7/20/2008

    I would have been a bit skeered too, lorelie ;)

  3. Looks beautiful and peaceful, Lorelei - so glad you're back.

  4. I would have had a hard time leaving that super cute cottage! But I'm with ya on the "NO WAY!" about getting in a metal canoe in extra choppy water when lightning could clearly strike at any moment! Whew. Glad your home safe.

  5. Missed you :)

    I'd have said no thanks to the tiny little tin boat, too!

  6. Cute toes! They were clearly going to get mussed by even looking at the evil canoe. Nuf said!


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