Bit the Bullet

I know, finally! I finally decided to submit to a magazine. I won't ruin the surprise but will tell you that I submitted 5 of my pieces. Exciting. SCARY!! I hope at least one gets picked.

I'm still playing around with Dawanda. I purchased some cute little block printed owl cards from MoonTeaArtwork. Kristen also sells on etsy. I wanted to purchase a.) from someone I knew and b.) from Dawanda to see how the process worked. It's quite a bit different than Etsy but still super easy if you choose Paypal.
I was a little turned off by the fact that I have to list my prices in Euros. So I have to convert my prices before listing. I think it would be easier if the website did it automatically. But if someone from North America, is shopping on Dawanda, they have to look up the exchange rate before purchasing because all prices are in Euros. Weird, I know.

In case you were wondering, the current exchange rate is

1.00 USD


0.634730 EUR

So, I'm staying home today. Going to work on some jewelry, and hopefully have lots of new things to list tomorrow! Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous7/27/2008

    I forsee seeing your lovelies in print soon =)


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