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Not so productive in the studio today because there was other "duties" to deal with such as cleaning and laundry. But I was able to become inspired by a quick glance through Stringing magazine. This necklace was inspired by Cynthia Thornton. She uses kyanite and red stones in her design with a cute dragonfly link. I have the dragonfly link but it was a gift from a friend and I am keeping it for a special piece for myself. I used a Green Girl Studios GROW STRONG bead and oak leave charm. There is apatite, new jade, faceted prehnite, aquamarine, aventurine, smoky quartz, and czech glass in this necklace.

Yesterday, I found this cool cork board- square sections that you can stick up on the wall. So I put it in the studio. It's about 2 foot by 4 foot, with all of the sections lined up together. It's going to be the inspiration wall! But I forgot to get pushpins so the inspiration will have to go up another day. I figured that this would be easier than constantly flipping through my many magazines. This way, I can pull out my favorites and hang them - then switch them out. I also want to be able to hang all of my lovely business cards I've been collecting. And maybe some artwork too!
Well I better go list this necklace before I decide to keep it for myself.
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  1. Lovely necklace! I love Green Girl Studios beads/charms. Where did you find the corkboard squares? Just curious because I was going to just purchase a framed corkboard, but I like your idea better!

  2. Hi Lisa!
    I actually found the squares at BJ's Wholesale club. It's kind of like a Costco or Sam's Club.
    But I've seen them at Michaels too!


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