Blogs are a wonderful thing, ya know? What did I ever do with my time before I became a blogger and a jewelry designer? I must have been so flippin' bored! It's nice to have a hobby that keeps me busy. But I digress. Blogs. I read probably 10 on a daily basis. They're not all jewelry blogs either. I sit here with my morning coffee and within a half an hours time, can be totally caught up on what's going on in my "internet friends" lives. I love that. I love being connected to people in that way. I love that I have met so many wonderful and friendly people from all over the country, through the computer!! I also love it when people blog about my jewelry. I was featured on Lindy's post today, and a necklace I made was featured on the Art Bead Scene in Heather's post today!
My online friends are so nice. I just can't get over it- I'm going to miss my computer this weekend. But I hope to come back from my little weekend getaway, refreshed, and happy, and ready to bead my little heart out.
Probably should add some pictures to this I'll share some of my coveted recent favorites. These items, I want them so bad, I can just taste it. How to choose though?

Libelula Designs, Dark Grey Scales

Heather Wynn, Lenka earrings

Drika B, Raspberry Plumes Satchel

SCRATCH THAT. This baby is on it's way to me!!

Round Rabbit, Stacking Rings


  1. Thanks for posting my beads!!

  2. How do you find the time????
    Have a great, relaxing weekend!
    (love those dary gray beads)

  3. It's my morning ritual!! I get up WAY earlier than I need to. I'm a little crazy that way.
    Thanks, I hope to get some sun, and swim a little, and catch up on some reading and best of all, hang with my friend Judy. She's a doll!

  4. What a lovely list of treasures! Those earrings are divine! Have a great vacation!

  5. I, too, visit my blog friends every morning when I get home from work. It's fun to see what everyone is up to and thinking about. I really should be better about keeping up with mine. *sigh*
    Have a lovely trip.:)

  6. Blogging is a great new hobbie of mine. I love reading what is on everyones minds. Your photos are beautiful!

  7. I love that you share such great artists from Etsy. It makes my shopping so much easier!!! I got some beads from Libelula this morning!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Thanks for showing my rings! You are part of my blog ritual as well! :)

  9. My time is limited with the little one blogs are my secret indulgence and you are on my blog feed list!


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