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As you know I love nothing more than to support my beady friends! I traded with Lynn Davis and this beautiful necklace came in the mail yesterday. I've loved this piece from the very moment she listed it in her shop. I love the versatility of this necklace. The color combination makes it so wearable and has a fun element. I can't wait to wear this with a simple white t-shirt and jeans.

I also love the message that this necklace gives. Read what Lynn put in the listing:

'A Frog In A Well Knows Not The Ocean' is a chinese proverb. It means that a frog who lives his existence at the bottom of a well has no idea that such a thing as an ocean exists, it's outside his experience.

This necklace is made to represent the ideas of the frog in a well, with the green beads being the mossy sides of the well and the rich jasper bead the walls of the well.

On one side of the metal plate stamped and patinaed with the proverb saying on it is a fused glass droplet with a small red frog inside.

The clasp is hand-forged steel wire with a replica seashell on it, and another replica shell dangles from the metal plate, two large blue-green handmade world beads stand for the waters of the ocean the frog will never know.

The red coral in the two large red beads is becoming more rare in the ocean because of rising water temperatures.

Have been thinking about the changes happening in the planet, in the oceans, polar areas and the atmosphere, this necklace was inspired by those ideas.

See photos for views of the glass droplet with the frog, the stamped proverb plate and the blue-green planet beads, necklace is 18" long and clasp closes on the side just above the stamped proverb metal plate.

Colorful, comfortable and thought provoking, if you are interested in chinese proverbs, ecology or simply like rustic pieces with a hidden message, you will like this necklace.

~~ see expeditionD.etsy.com for art beads and components ~~

In the native american culture the four directions had meanings and also colors associated with them. In western culture white stands for purity and is often worn at weddings, while in the asian culture white is for mourning and is worn at funerals.

Sometimes it's more fun to wear my friend's jewelry than my own! I think that this little trade is going to spark my desire to have a piece of jewelry from all of my beady colleagues! :)

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Here's a little humor for you. I laughed so hard when I saw this at a friend's last night. I know, my sense of humor, is a little wacko sometimes. [disclaimer: If gangsta rap offends you in any way, this video is NOT for you!]


  1. Lorelei, you encouraged me to submit the 'Chinese Proverb' piece to Gaea's storyteller group on Flickr, so I'm so happy it went home with you, and thrilled for the long, beautiful post you shared - And the photos are superb, can I get you to photograph all my work! Blessings, enjoy.

  2. I loved seeing the LLYYNN's necklace on her site and I loved seeing it again on yours! Such a beautiful quote and design!

    LOL on the Ernie and Bert! Go Ernie! Go Ernie! Go ERNIE!

  3. I love the tiny frog and the chunky wrapping! This really encourages me to start participating in some exchanges.

  4. Anonymous7/30/2008

    gangsta street.
    funny =)

  5. That's such a beautiful necklace! I can see why you're so fond of it... like Beth, I love that tiny frog. The quote is certainly a very true life lesson.

    I wish my bandwidth limit would let me watch videos! ): I'm so curious...

  6. Oh, well ... I think I'm stuck here ... :)

    Thanks for being around with your beautiful art & mind,



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