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Summer colds are the worst! I've had a cough for 4 days, and now yesterday started the stuffy nose business. Anyway, I'm home sick today. I'm hoping I'll feel better by 6:30 so I can still go to my first web design class that starts today! We had a small gathering of friends for dinner last night, so I'm afraid I don't have a lot of jewelry to show you. My initial plan was, to spend the weekend making as much as possible so that I would consistently be able to list new things in the shop all week due to my class being 2 nights a week for 5 weeks. This will slow down the production of jewelry, I'm afraid. But I do have quite a bit in the shop already so I'll just work with what I've got, I guess. I did make some earrings yesterday that were inspired by 2 things. This beautiful Monet Waterlilies painting, and this bracelet from Beakee on Etsy.

I had gotten these cool disc shaped turquoise beads from Heather Wynn. I wasn't sure how to use them, til I saw the bracelet! They look like little lily pads. Love it!


  1. Hey Lorelei, thanks for letting me know! How cool is it that you got the exact same kind of beads? :)

    Jasmin (beakee)

  2. Hi Lorelei
    I have been reading your blog for a while now. LOVE IT
    I am learning so I would love the books. Let me pay though. I live in Oklahoma and cant find fun beaders like you to help me. I do the soldered glass with lots of bling. I am very drawn to your designs too. I am also a huge fan of the Office.

  3. Hi Kris!
    Send me an email at ljeurto[at]gmail[dot]com!


  4. Love the turquoise disks and what you did with the earrings. Cute little twirly beadlettes too.

    Hope you get well soon! We need our muse back and feeling healthy!

  5. Oh, that is an awesome bracelet, so very cool!

    I hope you feel better soon, too. ;)


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