Laundry day

We had a nice dinner out last night with some friends. We went to a fun Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Syracuse. Good show, good friends, good times. Had lots of laughs. Came home and battled it out with a good game of Bocce in the backyard, went for ice cream and watched a funny episode of Flight of the Conchords. If you haven't seen that show, you've gotta watch. It makes me laugh so hard every single time I watch.

Yesterday I was productive and made these two beauties.
This first piece was a simple strung beaded necklace using a nice strand of Ocean Jasper slices that I received from LimaBeads! And a lovely ceramic pendant from Gaea. I also received a large LimaBeads order yesterday- I got these amazing copper toggles! I love them, they are really high quality clasps and were so c h e a p ~ One pair, 2 clasps: .95 cents. YES, I'm SERIOUS!

This second piece was a little more complicated to make. I was trying to emulate the same sort of look, from the necklace I made for the Collaboration. You can read that post here.
Everyone was asking about that necklace, wanting to know if I would list it in the Etsy shop, but I just couldn't part with it. So I wanted to try to make something in a similar style. I had ordered 3 beads from LUMINA last week, and this barrel shaped bead was my favorite of the three. The front of the necklace features 3 strands: wire-wrapped lamp work glass(cindy hoo), jade rondelles, a strand of copper (metal) seed beads, and Vintaj brass chain (4mm). The clasp is a Vintaj brass hammered ring and a handmade toggle using Vintaj Brass filigree tube and brass melon beads. The chain is absolutely my favorite! Kathy Domokos of AD Adornments. It was worth every single penny and I'm going to try to make it last as long as possible. I can't wait to order more from her. I saw some similar chain used in Heather Wynn's necklace that she submitted to Bead Star. Hey speaking of that, any word on the winners??


  1. OH! The beautiful barrel bead looks like it was unearthed from an archeological dig! Fab-oh! Beautiful!

  2. Love the necklaces. The second one looks so unique. THe bead is something, uh!

    The copper clasps give both necklaces such a nice touch. Love it!

  3. Thanks Gaea!

    Thank you Marian! Actually the clasp on the first necklace is copper, but the second necklace is brass. I love using both metals in my pieces, I even enjoy mixing the metals in jewelry. Thanks for stopping into the blog!


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