It was a nice day off yesterday. I walked around outside for a while and took some pics.
This is one lone mushroom in my yard! Such a cool shape.

These are some flowers from one of my hanging baskets.

My potted Coleus - didn't photograph well. It's much deeper in color than this. More burgundy.

One of two lonely tiger lilies in my yard. I know, the people before me that lived here, had a tough time with the landscaping.

I took a little trip to the bead shop. Got some awesome Czech glass. Used some of it here. The
wire wrapped rectangular czech beads. and little Trumpet shaped
glass teal beads! Awesome in person!

I also put together this necklace. In a similar style that I've used before using Blue Seraphim's lamp work glass rings. I love them, they add such a cool element to jewelry and they come in like every color imaginable!

You've gotta click this pic and see it bigger. I ordered for the first time from Golem Studios last week. I got my beads yesterday, which I was so surprised because they said on their website that it can take up to 2-3 weeks! I bought these because of an incredible bracelet project that's in the Beads 2008 magazine. The beads are really amazing. I love them all and will probably hoard them like a freak, for a little while before using them. Don't they look so pretty all lined up in a row together??

I made some jewelry for myself. SHOCKER! I know!
I don't think I've ever done that. But I made this necklace. You've seen it before. It's designed by Heather Powers of Humblebeads. You can see Heather's necklace here.
I used a Humblebeads owl with the same chain, wood beads, Vintaj Brass, and a ceramic bead from Stef of Distracted Muse. I did a different clasp on mine...I didn't have a toggle bar in my stash. It's such a cool necklace. I love it. Can't wait to wear it today!
Back to work today. Bleh. Have a good Thursday ya'll.


  1. Wow, what incredible work! I love all of the jewelry--it's amazing.

    And as far as never making jewelry for myself--I'm guilty of that, too! Someone recently said, "You never wear any jewelry!" and I just laughed. I never seem to find the time to just sit down and make something, except for a few pieces to wear at shows.

  2. Ohhh! Lots of eye candy today! Thanks!

  3. Beautiful work! Love the pic of the mushroom. That is the same shape I used for a little charm, it so fairy ring!

  4. Hi Laurel Moon!
    Thank you so much. You are too kind!

    I know whatcha mean. I think I've only made one other piece for myself, using a Green Girl Studios dragonfly charm that I got from a friend for my birthday.

  5. Hi Gaea!
    Thank you! I'm glad you like to come check out what's new every day. I find that I get a lot of nice response when I post my photography. I love taking pictures and wish I did more of it.
    No time to pick up another hobby though!!

  6. Hi Cynthia!
    Thanks so much for coming by my blog! I love the mushroom pic too. Makes me want to take a long walk in the woods with my camera!

  7. Hi Lorelei!
    Those Golem Studio tulip beads on the far right (w/ white petals) are so cool! I love them. Thanks for sharing so much cool stuff. That book on your "wish list" looks really great too.
    Lisa M.

  8. Anonymous7/27/2008

    I saw Golem's work for the first time in tucson this past year, very nice people.
    I love the brushed muted look of all his beads...what a great little selection you have =)


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