Sick- Day 2

I'm a terrible sick person. My poor husband. I think I get this way because I never really get the sympathy that I think I should be getting when I'm sick. I want to be babied, pampered. Waited on. I shouldn't have to do the dishes after dinner. That kind of thing.
I was home again today. Coughing and coughing, a stuffy nose, and this weird fever that breaks and comes back every couple
of hours.

Somehow during the non-fever hours, I managed to make one bracelet today. I like how it turned out. I bought these beautiful glass leaves from a de-stash shop on Etsy:BlueMarbleBeads

Another shop I want you to go check out: Annie and Olive
I just ordered this lovely from Bethany at Annie and Olive. Such a cute bracelet, I've worn it all day! So comfortable and the fabric is to die for! Looking forward to ordering more of her bangles in the future! Check it out!

Hopefully I can return to normal tomorrow.
Off to list the bracelet in the shop....


  1. So sorry you are not well! My littlest and hubby both have the cough. So far no fever! I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Sorry your feeling cruddy my dear. I hope that tomorrow will be better for you. I am in the same boat with the nonbabying (is that a word?) hubby. He's one of those sicko's that goes to work with 104 fever. Sympathy to you!

  3. Thanks guys!
    I'm feeling a little better today so I'm headed back to work. It's going to be a long day though. I'm running on only a few hours of sleep due to the coughing.

  4. Hopefully you can get more sleep tonight and stop coughing. Feel better!

  5. Sorry you are sick..but I can relate to your poor husband because my husband is the one sick!
    Get well soon!

  6. Now I'm sick too!
    I just hope the little one isn't next!


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