Do you ever get the feeling that you're being "watched"? I listed this Fabulousness yesterday and it's already been sold. It wasn't even in the shop for 24 hours! So with that being said, someone is watching. Closely. Like a crazy stalker. So if you see something in the shop you like, you better snatch it fast because you just never know when the stalker will strike.
Just warnin' ya.


  1. Good good good......

  2. I wish the stalker had been me - I would have snatched it right up!

  3. It is a beauty! I should think it would get snatched!

  4. Anonymous7/27/2008

    Can you blame the stalker? Really now, who wouldn't snatch that beauty? Good for you!
    From Sonja, Runner-up blog stalker :)

  5. Hehe, is this particular stalker such a bad thing? They're giving your jewelry a good home, -and- making a purchase.

    As long as you don't start getting phone calls where the person on the other end doesn't speak, I think this is worth rejoicing over!

    The bracelet is absolutely lovely, also. Just looking at it makes me feel all Earth-mother-y inside. (:

  6. Anonymous7/28/2008

    Here's a stalker with fine taste who knows how to accessorize !

  7. a stunning piece! I can see why it was snatched up so quickly :)


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