Some Photo Inspiration

I thought I would share some photos that I've take over the last few years. Share some photo/color inspiration. Enjoy your Thursday!

[P.S. Joe and I are going away to the lake for the weekend. Leaving tomorrow and coming back Sunday. No blog posts while away I'm afraid. No email. No computer. No surfing. And I won't be shipping orders til Monday morning. ]

Butterfly Conservatory, National History Museum NYC

Lighthouse in Rhode Island

Max and Kevin, Vacation 2005(?)

Sunset from Vacation 2005

Scene from NYC, 2005

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  1. Have a fun time! These are beautiful! I enter photos at our county fair every year! It gives us a good reason besides the funnel cakes and carnies to go! I hope you brought your camera!

  2. Love the photos .... Have a great time on your long weekend!


  3. what beautiful images!!


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