That's Impossible

Last night I attended my first web design class. I was in total shock by the time I walked out of the class room. I'm already leaps and bounds behind everyone due to my being absent on Monday's first class. The professor moved and talked and taught so fast that I fell behind more and more and now we have complicated homework and I have like no clue.
I kept thinking of Michael Scott in The Office saying, " Thaaaat's Impossible"
"Thaaaat doesn't make sense!"
Also found out that DreamWeaver will be the one program that we'll be using mostly in class, and so if we don't have DreamWeaver at home (for all the homework) then we COULD get some other freeware instead but that's going to be like doing Twice the Work.
Dreamweaver is only $400. Thaaaat's Impossible.

So maybe I should see if I can get my $ back. I think I'd rather pay someone to set up a website for me instead! I never realized it was so complicated. Well, I take that back. With Dreamweaver, it's easy. That program does all the html code for you. Doing it all by hand? That's impossible.


  1. You could end up putting over $400 into having someone design a lovely site for you. I say put that money into your own brain. It would be worth it. You can get "used" versions on ebay! Go for it!

  2. Hi Gaea,
    Thanks for your vote of confidence. I think at this point, I'm going to wait on the whole website plan. I think it might a little early for this thought anyway.
    I've already begun the process to get out of the class.
    Now I can buy more beads.
    :) See, a win win situation!
    And down the road, maybe I'll be more financially ready to either jump in head first, to Website class or to have one made for me.

  3. Hi Lorelei,
    We have dreamweaver and although a friend help set it up it is easy to maintain.You can do it!
    And i know this is looong in response but thanks for the blog love for the bronze wing.

  4. Websites are so complex if you want something specific. I have a whole new appreciation for web designers after building a few. I realize, this is not the job for me... way too much work - and it's never done! But it is satisfying when you finally "get" something. I use Dreamweaver. It's not the easiest to use, but it allows for a lot of creativity.


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