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Help! I'm running low on supplies! Hoping that I can find someone that has the following, (that they'd like to sell to me):

*24g oxidized silver wire- I have yet to find a really good supplier of wire online. I don't do my own oxidizing- I'm not equipped for it. But I love the look and it'd be great if I could get like 10+ feet of it to have on hand.

* oxidized silver clasps- of course when using oxidized wire, you kind of have to go with a similar color clasp.

Leave a comment if anyone can help. I'd be willing to trade for these supplies also.


  1. Lorelei, do you want fine silver or sterling?

  2. I'm not really sure I know the difference?? But either would be fine.

  3. Have you tried foreignsource.com?

  4. Hi Gaea,
    thanks! but I am not "wholesale" equipped if you know what I mean.
    This site is wholesale only.

  5. You can get an account on RioGrande.com. You have to call to get it set up but all you have to do is tell them you make and sell jewelry for a living (they don't really do anything to verify that anyways) and they will set ya right up. They are always super nice too. And oxidizing is actually very very easy. Just get some liver of sulfur (which you can also get at Rio). If you don't know anything about using liver of sulfur I can tell you how, it's easy peasy. :) Hope this helps!

  6. Oh no kidding! I will have to look into that. Do they have a pretty good catalog?
    How often do you get one?
    Oxidizing is scary to me. Plus, don't you need a tumbler to shine things up afterwards?

  7. Hi Lorelei,

    Another environmentally friendly way to oxidize silver wire is to put it in a plastic bag with a boiled egg. The sulfer from the egg will turn the silver black.

    You can try metalliferous.com too. Don't need to be wholesale - living in NY will be a plus too - you'll get it quickly, they're in NYC.



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