I was Round Rabbit's 500th sale this week. Thanks Nancy, you rock!

I bought this Ring:

And Nancy sent me THIS!:

And then tonight I made this!:

Toggle was constructed with Porcelain ring from Round Rabbit and antique skeleton key. Faceted squares of agate with iridescent green seed beads, kyanite and aquamarine accents. Hand-fused chain links were made by Lynn Davis of ExpeditionD, and etched cable chain from Kathy Domokos of AD Adornments.

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  1. Aw, you are so sweet! Have fun with the goodies! I see you have already created a masterpiece - I never would have thought to use that piece as a clasp - brilliant!

  2. Wow, what a lot of goodies ... great buttons, crazy about buttons. Look at the little links out there in your design, how great is that! Lorelei, you really have the eye of a designer.

  3. Hi Nancy, I'm glad you like this piece! I thought it was fun. I contemplated hanging a pendant off of the ceramic piece, but decided it wouldn't work. I wanted to showcase the ceramic loop/toggle by itself.

    Hi Llyynn
    Thank you for your kind comments! I'm trying to stay innovative. It's sometimes hard to come up with something original when I'm inspired by so many talented artisans.

  4. This is exquisite! LOVE the Round Rabbit pieces! Lynn's links are divine! I can't imagine it will stay in your etsy shop long!

  5. Gorgeous! I'm drooling over that toggle!

  6. lorelei dear, you always scout out the best beadmakers! i'm off to check out round rabbit's shop now.

    this is one of my favorites, it's perfect!

  7. Anonymous7/04/2008

    I love your work; I make porcelain
    pendants, cabs, and faces and have some pieces in the "antiquities" line that you might enjoy mixing with your very interesting stash of artisan work.If you were interested I would send a few pieces for you to try out
    as a gift. It is always an honor to have your work used by great designers.Joan Tucker, Off Center Productions

  8. Hi Joan!
    Thanks for stopping in! Thank you for your kind words! I was also admiring YOUR work seeing you are the new sponsor for ABS! Cool!
    You can send me goodies any time! I would love to try them out in my designs. Feel free to email me: ljeurto[at]gmail[dot]com


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