I sat at the porch last night, and wire-wrapped this necklace together. It was so nice being outside, it was a beautiful and cool night. I used the beautiful seafoam green salwag pearls that I purchased from Terrestrial. I threw in 2 Tourmilated Quartz ovals and a Cape Amethyst nugget. I usually like to pull in colors from the pendant. Anyway, simply necklace.

Now let's talk about photography.
I am so bored with my photography lately! I *love* jewelry designers that add some props to their photos!
For example, ExecuteMe uses beautifully lush plant life in her photos.

Or kalliART who sometimes uses this creative jewelry tree-

I like how she also photographed this necklace on a white wall with clips and wire- and the little accent of bird, is unique and creative! Love it!
It's a tough call because sometimes props can make it or break it! Sometimes they are too busy and it takes away from the item you're photographing. I don't want to step on toes and use any examples, but I know you know the types of photographs I'm talking about.

SO- Here's my dilemma. Help me think of a new and creative way to photograph my jewelry to make it pop. Leave comments in this post and I'll pick a random winner on Monday July 21. Winner, you ask?? The beautiful wire-wrapped abalone shell necklace will be yours if I pick you!
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  1. Anonymous7/16/2008

    I like to parouse the handmade paper aisle at your local art store. there is a world of options out there ;)
    theres a lovely artist on etsy who photographs her wares on delicate vintage hankerchiefs!!! so sweet!

  2. I do like what the two ladies above did. I think the key is making the background somewhat neutral and/or monochromatic. With all the vibrancy in your work, maybe something like rocks, or just a large smooth piece of slate or limestone (I suppose the tile store would be filled with inspiration!). Will give texture and interest without being a distraction. The tile can also be rested vertically, which could allow for your draping your jewelry to hang down.

  3. Since I make pottery, too, I like to find a vase that lends itself to be used to drape necklaces on. Usually earthy and a neutral color that doesn't take away from the piece. It the lip is done thin enough and angled right, you can hang earrings off it, too. It's alway nice to see jewelry hanging so you get a good idea of how it looks when wore. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!!!

  4. I really like the look of bark or wood as the background. The neutral color makes the brightly colored beads stand out, and it has that earthy feel that seems to compliment metals, like silver and brass. Here's an example from etsy:

    While we are on this subject, I must vent a little about a pet peeve of mine! I know etsy artists want their photos to look "artsy", but I can't stand when they only show parts of a necklace and never show you how the necklace looks in its entirety. Sure, some of the photos can be artistic with most of the necklace blurred/faded out, but I think there needs to be one photo of the whole necklace. I also really like when there is a photo showing how the necklace looks on a neckline (either on a human model or a mannequin). Just my opinion though!

    P.s. I really like your newest wire wrapped necklace!

  5. I have the same pet peeve Lisa! I love an artsy fartsy pic but give one that makes sense too! When I am feeling board I take the jewelry outside as well. There is always a bit of rock or wood or brick that works well. For earrings I like the edge of a clear glass with a few more colorful glasses in the back ground to get blurred and soften. I sometimes go to the thrift store for glasses and plates.

  6. I am echoing the same sentiment about the peeve!
    Anyway, depending on the "nature" of the jewelry I would choose a different background to best compliment each piece - choices could be from nature as on a branch, leaf, etc., or a piece of slate, rock, brick, or think architectural like on an old shutter, window pane, barn wood, etc. Old books and letters could work as would nice fabric, and glass and pottery also - I know, too many options but each piece should speak to it's background

  7. I've just started making jewelry in Jan. I fell deeply in love with it.

    I would like to share some ideas of mine:
    (a) Photographing the jewelry with tools that we work with
    (b) We always have a few photos to show for a jewelry, sometimes I wonder how it look like when I wear it, I was thinking whether we can show how the jewelry look like when we pair it with clothes
    (c) I also like how the jewelry look when photograph with manuscripts and music books.

  8. I think your pieces would look great on simple tiles/slabs of ceramic, marble or granite - just enough....

  9. Anonymous7/19/2008

    What about a newspaper background?

  10. Anonymous7/19/2008

    You know, my mind is playing around with ideas now, and I can't seem to stop thinking about ideas now :)

    I think it would look great if you drape your jewellery on/around flowers, for instance a single pink rose.... this will surely have a very soft, feminine look and feel to it, and I think the romantics amongst us will go all gooey for such a photo.


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