A Beading Frenzy

ROUND 1 of a Beading Frenzy


  1. LOVE the wood!!! Check your etsy!!!

    You have to see this etsy gals work - The Broken Plate (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=79541). Maybe you could use some of her pendants. Not sure why, but it reminded me of you.



  2. The wirework on the bottom one is very kinetic, those little coins sliding around, I bet it's fun to wear too.

  3. I think that first one is my favorite... the patterned bead just pops out from between the others. The entire thing is very earthy and elemental. Lovely. (:

  4. Lorelei, you've gone all robin's egg blue ... love it!

    Do you mind if I borrow your wirework idea, I just love those coins and I have some. You inspired me!

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Not at all, wire work your heart out baby!
    I got this idea from a bracelet design on Beading Daily. (well the wire wrapped around wire idea, the coin thing was my addition)

  6. I love the simplicity of the top piece. These are all fabulous. You're a beading diva!


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