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If you took art classes back in the day, remember how there was that day that everyone had to sit in a circle and listen to the professor critique each person's artwork? Well, I'm sure most of you hated that aspect of art class.
I always felt like I knew I would be learning something that would help me become better.
I want to become a better beader, so let's sit in the circle now, shall we?
Please critique this necklace at the right.
I made this quite some time ago, and thought it was absolutely fabulous from the very beginning. It still hasn't sold. It has been viewed a whopping 537 times on Etsy and currently has 10 hearts. Why hasn't it sold? Please critique color, shape, length, balance....whatever you wish. I promise I will not be offended. I'm learning to be better. Click here to find out more about this piece.

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  1. I do remember the critiques and I remember not liking them and trying to act nonchalant while someone gave me a bad headache.

    You are a brave soul, Lorelei, to invite this kind of feedback.

    So, maybe the necklace just hasn't found its perfect person yet. Or that person hasn't found you.

    At any rate, since you asked for feedback, here are some thoughts that are worth every penny you paid for them ... none!!!

    I like the beads, especially the lampwork, and I like the chains and the way you assembled them, but somehow they don't seem to gracefully blend with each other.

    I'll stop now before everyone pounces on me! Love ya, Lorelei. You do fantastic work - that's my overall critique.

  2. Hi Lynn!
    I'm not a-scared.
    Bring it on! I wanna know what people like and don't like about this and many of my other pieces.
    You're right, maybe it just hasn't found the right person yet.

    Thank you for your feedback!! So you think the chains and the wire wrapped beads don't mesh well together? Or do you think the garnet beads that are dangles along the chain don't mesh well with the lampwork? I'm also wondering if maybe teal and red isn't a very popular color combination. Hmmmm?

  3. I think it is beautiful as well! The only thing that jumps out at me is the top part looks a bit cold compared to the bottom which is warm and inviting. This is only personal to me as I have really long hair and anything that touches the nape of my neck gets horribly tangled to what ever is there. Fuzzy garnets! Eeewwww! Maybe the top seems a bit busy for the bottom? The colors are beautiful.

  4. I think Llyynn is right about the blending thing. And I, too, have long hair so I agree with Gaea, there can be fuzzy neck issues. I'm thinking a plainer chain for the back and maybe breaking up the lampwork with some the the chain/garnet dangles. I love the lampwork beads and the colors are great!!! I also love the garnet dangley thing going on. Someone with short hair needs that necklace!! Make it and they will come!

  5. Great point. I never thought about the hair issue.
    I agree too about it being cold at the back and warm at the front.

  6. Hmm...I love the idea it hasn't been found by the right person yet. I will admit the red/teal is not a fave of mine but I am seeing everywhere! I love the little bits of color mixed in the chain. I have a bead listed that is the same way - lots of love for it online and in person but no takers. Could be no likes peach.

  7. Nice, nobody pounced, thank you - had another thought, what if the lampwork and the chain were all part of the downmost part of the strand, with just a simple chain or seed bead strand going around the neck? so the garnets and chain would mingle peacefully with the lampwork, in a harmonious manner.

    I just got all my hair chopped, anyone remember the wedge? but long in front - so I didn't think of the hair situation. No hair back there!

  8. Anonymous8/13/2008

    I do remember critiques in art classes, not only from the teachers but from my fellow students. I actually enjoyed them because as pointed out by a teacher, "critiques, done well, can be a positive thing."

    Now I miss them. As an artist working from my home, with only the family to look at my work.

    So, your necklace...the color combo. is good. Maybe there's too much going on. The top might be too busy with what's going on below. Also, I think maybe there's a bit too many lampwork beads.

    Could you bring in some of the elements from the top to the bottom, while reducing the other beads?

  9. The turquoise and red are a classic combination, absolutely! And I do like that! I have to say I agree with the others here. The top with the garnets doesn't seem to flow and wear-ability might be an issue.

    I have to say you are one of the most talented and creative designers I've seen. You have a gift to share with the world. You just keep doing what you're doing. In my opinion, each piece is a creative journey that was meant to be taken. There is no right or wrong. This necklace is here and it's here for one reason or another!

  10. I agree that it appears to be two different necklaces in one. Maybe if you removed the garnets the piece would flow better.

  11. oh, how I loved art school. i miss it somedays!

    I thought the necklace was one that could be worn with the garnets on one side or in the back. I liked the idea of kind of two necklaces in one. I do agree they could be the stopping point for some.

    Teal and red are great together.

    Really I think the issue are your photographs. It's not as strong as some of your other ones. It's a little out of focus on a few of the shots. And this is one where I think it would be better to see it on. You are such a cute model. I never show my jewelry on a model and think I should. At least necklaces and bracelets.

    So maybe a little editing. I love the chain with the wrapped links, works very well together.

  12. Well, thank you to everyone that left some really interesting and helpful feedback on this necklace. I was planning on sitting down and re-working it this weekend. But it just sold!
    F a b u l o u s! ;)
    I loved all of your suggestions. I think I was planning on take a few of the lampwork beads off, then re-positioning a few of the strands of chains to the front, and doing a simple seedbeaded or chain up around the back. I was planning on shortening it too. And adding a clasp, since this one is longer and doesn't have one.
    Well, maybe next time!

  13. See? We all had a good little talk, and then the right person found it!

    Still glad we shared these ideas together, thanks for providing the forum and being the one to open the door.

  14. Anonymous8/14/2008

    I'm happy to hear the necklace just sold. The right person did come along!

    I agree that it's helpful to see a photograph of your designs on a model or display, especially when the pieces you make are so versatile.

    I think you're truly one of the most talented designers I've seen, and I've spent a lot of time looking at the offerings on Etsy. The one thing that makes me pause is the gunmetal chain. In my opinion, I think gunmetal chain is not of the same quality as the beautiful handmade beads & charms you use in your designs.

    That's my two cents. :-)


  15. Anonymous8/14/2008

    It sold!!! Congrats!



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