Drooling over Petra Janssen Beads

Glass Masterpieces...I want one of each please!

Can you believe how beautiful these beads are? They really are little works of art.
I'd say, I'd probably hoard them for a really long time!
I'd love to see someone's designs that has used them. Know anyone?

Check out Petra Janssen

Images courtesy of Petra Janssen's etsy shop.


  1. Dear Loreley,

    today I opened the kiln and there was a "LITTLE.SYMPHONY" mentioning that it likes to travel to your place. Would you like to take care of a "broken tune" ...?!

    Curiously awaiting your answer ... :)


  2. Hi Petra
    I would gladly provide a nice home for your Little Symphony! It's the least I can do!! ;)

  3. thanks for introducing me to these lovely, lovely beads! i am smitten!

  4. Anonymous8/11/2008

    wowza!! they are spectacular!!
    thanks for sharing!


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