Finally the Weekend!

I find myself home alone again this weekend. Joe went on yet another "mancation" without me. I read this term on a blog yesterday and thought it was funny yet fitting.
But that's ok, because I have large hopes of being a beading MACHINE today. We'll see if it happens. Yesterday's sale was super successful- THANK YOU BLOG READERS! I cleared out some of the stock, which was exactly my plan. I'm going to have a week long sale- on particular items in the shop, and FREE SHIPPING all week next week so stay tuned for that.
The voting is over for the poll that I held last week. As you can see, 65% of blog readers said they would love to purchase from an online store. I was surprised to see so many of you completely only loyal to Etsy. Nice to see, but surprising. I'm still contemplating this online store endeavor. I would hope it would get enough traffic. But the cool thing about the webhosting site that I found (which is StartLogic) is that it's only $5 a month, and they offer a blogging element too. SO I could blog and have my shop, all in one place. Know of any webhosting sites that are cool, or better? Leave me a comment! I'd love to shop around. StartLogic was recommended by my IT guy at the museum.
Last night I got into the craft room and had a bunch of orders to wrap up and package. (I'm now completely out of gift boxes. YIKES. Will have to bite the bullet and buy some more. Know of any good suppliers? I also had to re-create a necklace that I had sold and shipped to Barcelona- it got lost in the system or held up at customs I guess. Then made up a few little things to list in the shop today. Have a good weekend!


  1. Hi Lorelei, Be careful posting to Barcelona as my daughter spent 10 months at university there and a total of 11 parcels just did not arrive, though letters did! We eventually decided someone naughty worked in the Post Office. So be careful! PS I don't know where you get your energy, your designs are just evolving and I find I'm checking you blog every day!!. Have a good beading weekend!
    Lisa H

  2. These earrings are wonderful. I like the brown, green and white together. You have such refined taste, sister!

    Have fun on your beadcation:) I love that you bead like a Machine, then I get to admired everything. (psst, Joe keep going on your mancations)

  3. I just bought kraft jewelry boxes from Nashville Wraps (, and they seemed reasonably priced to me (about 26 cents each for necklace size boxes and 22 cents each for earring size). They advertise as wholesale, but you do not need a tax ID or license to order. They have a $25 minimum order amount, and if your order is under $50 they charge a $5 surcharge. However, I had no problem spending $50 - they have nice ribbon and gift bags also - and I received my shipment SUPER quick. The kraft jewelry boxes also have tarnish-resistant cotton in them, which I thought was a nice touch.

    Anyways, you might want to check them out...hope this is helpful!



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