I need some advice

Help this poor necklace come to fruition. I am struggling with this! Do you have any ideas on how I can work this necklace so it's more wearable? I know I want to use Jennifer Stumpf's stamped message bar horizontally. And I like it with the brass bird. Maybe there should be some sort of anchor bead on the right side? Maybe I should ditch the pearls? Maybe that lovely snakeskin jasper bead is too big? In theory, it's a pretty necklace. But it's not quite wearable yet.
Help me!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I'd ditch the pearls below the bar, and then just add or remove pearls from the top until the length is right for comfort. Other than that, I really like it. It's whimsical, but has a nice weight to it.

  2. I would almost think that the word part could be bent for a bracelet. Or hang it down from below the jasper... Or call me crazy... Would it be possible for the words to be wound around the jasper like a spiral?

  3. Anonymous8/10/2008

    What if you put the bird opposite the jasper bead instead of hanging from the chain?

  4. Anonymous8/10/2008

    What if you got rid of the pearls. Use the pearls or beads,then took the rings like you have on the walk on the wild side necklace and use those to attach the eagle. Then run the bar across where the eagle is attached. I think the rings look they would go with the bar and the eagle.

  5. I was wondering about using the bird to connect one wing to the jasper and the other wing to the word bar, so the bird is connecting the words to the rest of the chain. I can't see how large the holes you have to work with on the bird wings are.

    Sometimes you just have to let something sit for a while and not look at it, and when you go back to it your mind will have it all worked out.

  6. Anonymous8/10/2008

    well, I think its just lovely, as is, but it might be nice to curve the stamped copper piece and place it where it would rest on the nape of the neck.
    that way, whoever is behind the wearer can read the message.

  7. Such nice suggestions!
    I am fascinated with the idea of bending or curving the word bar...but HOW???
    I don't have a bracelet mandrel. Wish I did but... How else could I do it?
    I actually love the idea of curving it for a bracelet...Thanks Gaea. I just wish I knew how!

  8. Maybe you could keep it as is, but instead of chain connecting the bird, use the black beads and then in place of the black beads below the bird, use a couple different lengths of the chain so it is like tiered (sp). I like the beads you've chosen. i wish that saying were true about my housework too... :/ haha

  9. Ask Jennifer if the bar will tolerate being bent to a certain degree. You may be able to to a test on similar metal?

  10. The bar is quite long. I wonder if it's too long for a bracelet. I wouldn't really be able to add anything else to it, it would just be a bangle wrap-type bracelet.
    Hmmm, Maybe I should use it vertically along the side of a necklace?
    I just really liked that bird with the saying. But at any rate, I think this is coming apart. Not tonight though. There's Big Brother 10 to watch.

  11. perhaps position it over a bench block, evenly space the words, and gently hammer into a triangle shaped charm, joining the top with a ring or wire wrap, so the quote can be read on the perimeter....

  12. This is interesting, because I'm about to make a necklace with a long bar quote on it, too - we are in sync! (I hope to have mine to show you next week some time.) I would get rid of the pearls below the bar - I don't think you need them.


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