A Message that Made me Smile

Recently I received a lovely message from
an online friend. I wanted to share it with you
because it was one of the nicest things
someone has told me. If she's reading this
today, Thank you L. You Rock.

you're like a magic mirror
that reveals what could be
that shows possibilities
that offers promise

no clutter
open space
space to breathe
to be
to create
to accomplish

doing things now
right away
instead of putting them off
for another day
another month
another year

staying alive
in the moment
nurturing others
getting up and going
and doing
and living

putting yourself out there
for all to see
staying fresh and lively

such a blessing

thank you.


  1. This is so generous and beautiful! What lovely thoughts and I can see why she sent them to you. Thanks for posting them, they're going to help me finish what I started today :)


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