I found her on Flickr. Her name: Erin. Her shop: EveryHeartCrafts. Her talent: Leaves and other ceramic lovelies. We traded. I picked out a set of 4 leaf pendants and a set of leaf charms (above) and buttons.
Here is Erin wearing my necklace design. We've become fast friends. I'm glad! She's so talented. And what a beautiful model for my work!??!

Thanks Erin! You rock the Hizzouse! Fo Shizzle.


  1. Hey Lorelei! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm so glad we met. And thanks to YOU I had my first sales on my Etsy Shop! Thank you, thank you, THANK U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!

  2. Oh and the earrings look great! Nice job! Love the description you gave them on your Etsy Shop.


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