My Favorite: The Broken House

I fell in love the other day with a new shoppe on Etsy. As much as I was hoping to move from Country decor, to a more modern decor in my new house, I just can't seem to get away from the primitive, antique knick-knacks. I love 'em! I can't get enough. I love antiques and I have several pieces of antique furniture. For example:

Above: my high chair from when I was little. My grandfather had bought it for my mother.


So you have to know how excited I was when I found these awesome nesting boxes that Sheri makes by hand! And she was interested in my jewelry, so we did a little trade for a bracelet in my shop!

If you have some time today, fall in love with The Broken House!


  1. Lorelei, you are so sweet!! Thank you:)

  2. If it ain't broke....

  3. I really connect with Early American, so this was a great tip. Thanks!


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