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Yesterday, the beading frenzy fizzled at about 3pm. I had gotten one more bracelet made and listed and SOLD within minutes. After that, I was all through. Joe comes home today, YAY! I am so happy for this. You have no idea. I would not be a good single woman. I'm no good at living alone with only the cat to talk to. I need companionship.
Joe had a nice time on his camping trip, aside from one really bad night of thunderstorms where he feared for his life. That just doesn't even sound fun to me. The only good part, I was thinking as he was telling me, was that they ate really well. Sleeping in a tent on the ground in a sleeping bag, not so fun. Camping is not for me. No thank you. I'll be in my nice fluffy comfy bed, thank you very much.

I wanted to share my latest favorite blog. I have no idea how I found this, I'm thinking it must be on a blog roll of one of the many blogs I read daily. It's hilarious. I laugh out loud every single time I look through the pictures, and the best part is the author's comments. Rolling on the floor, funny. It's a collection of poorly chosen real estate photos. Wait til you see. Here are two examples.

Yes, it's nice to see what a house looks like by day -- but isn't it more interesting to see what it looks like when you're wearing night-vision goggles? (Found by Melissa.) :D lol so funny!

ET phone stager

Well? Does this make you want to buy the house?

What if it were shown from... this angle?

giggle. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous8/07/2008

    Oh great! Just what I need...another funny blog to read!

    I'm surprised there's no mention of the giant monster in the corner of the second ET picture. Wowee.

  2. It is nice that the home owner recognized that E.T. would be lonely so far from home and arranged for some "friends" to eat... er, I mean PLAY with him... Too funny!

  3. Now, do E.T. and his friends come with the place, or was that just a brilliant move on the part of some highly paid "stager"?

  4. Lovely Listing is hilarious! I love that entry that shows the picture of the -completely- run-down shack.

  5. Anonymous8/08/2008



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