New Bling and a Sale Reminder

Morning ya'll! I worked diligently in the studio last night to come up with some pretty bling for the shop today. I hope you like them. I just received these beautiful firey Lamp work glass rounds yesterday from BlackRiverBeads. If you haven't seen their shop, check it out! Lots of awesome gemstones, and lamp work glass. I fell in love immediately!
The Snakeskin Jasper necklace was inspired by a necklace I saw in Jenn Reese's shop (JennReese) yesterday. We chatted all day and worked out a trade for a jewelry swap. I'm stoked, because her work is really delicious! I had ordered these lovely jasper ovals from LimaBeads a while back and have been wondering how to use them appropriately. I like this design because it shows off just the jasper with nothing to take the attention away. They are beautiful stones and really hard to photograph without a glare.
Don't forget, there's only 2 more days left for FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING at the SHOP! And don't forget to search for today's Secret sale of the day item... HINT: It's not on the First page of the shop!


  1. oh, these are sooooo pretty. i'm sure they will fly out of your shop!

  2. Hi Jenn!
    Let's hope they do!! :D

  3. I think the seaform earrings are absolutely beautiful - probably my favorite out of those four, to be honest.

  4. They're gone! The beautiful mint-chocolate earrings are gone! I so wanted to buy them. Any chance you could make more? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  5. Joelle!
    I'm sorry! They sold! And I'm afraid to say I bought those beads at my local bead shop and they were the last two they had!

  6. Just beautiful!
    Luv your design eye.....

  7. These are great photos Lorelei, & the colors are just gorgeous. Again; you use the most interesting components & use them well!


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