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The generous and talented gals of Off Center Productions (Joan and Lana) sent me this---->
in hopes that I could create some jewelry pieces that showed off their ceramic and porcelain pendants and beads. I have been playing around with ideas in my head for most all of them. Last night I finally created a few using the pale blue X bead and the burgundy Swirl pendant.

I created this simple necklace with the pale blue X bead as the focal. It really speaks for itself so I didn't want to put it into anything really busy. I think it looks nice with the white accent beads- One is a ceramic round from Stef of Distracted muse and the other is a pressed glass round. The dangles below the pendant are some crystal Czech glass and attached them using some decorative jumprings from AD Adornments.

This second necklace uses their Swirl pendant. Both of these Off Center Production pieces are from their Antiquities line. And you know I love the New But Old look in jewelry. The Czech glass diamond shaped beads mimic the shape of the bronze chain on the right side. And the wire links that I created in a swirl pattern, mimic the swirl patter on the face of the pendant. (See detail shot)
I had to use a skeleton key of course, it lends well to the Old but New aspect of this piece.
Please leave me comments about these pieces... I'd love to hear your feedback. I hope to continually use up Joan and Lana's lovelies over the next week or so.
You can purchase your own Off Center Productions ceramics too. They have an ETSY shop and a WEBSITE and they also BLOG!

In other news...I received these goodies yesterday.

Andrew Thornton talked about SquishyFish on this blog...he had ordered one of Tracy's owls. Being that he too, is a huge OWL collector. I jumped right on board that day and contacted Tracy who agreed to make me my own little owl friend. He arrived in all of his ornery glory yesterday afternoon.

AND I also got a bead from Petra Janssen. If you recall, I blogged about Petra's little glass masterpieces here. Well she commented that post and decided to send me a little gift. Look how FAB-U-LOUS!!! I don't know what I'll make with it, but until then, I will enjoy hoarding it!

Photo courtesy of Petra's Flickr pics.


  1. Anonymous8/21/2008

    Oooh!! I love that glass bead! You'll definitely have to keep that one for yourself. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Hi Stef! I know isn't it great! Even my husband was trying to get me to make him a necklace using it. And he doesn't even wear that much jewelry.
    I'm thinking a bracelet would be fun to design around this. I love all the different colors in it. Such depth and so much personality!

  3. I know Petra and her glassbeads well and love them much!
    But your Jewellery are fine, too :-)
    Greetings from Germany

  4. Anonymous8/21/2008

    I think there is no better use of this beautiful blue X bead than the necklace you made with it.
    Simple, yet stunning !
    I love the different textures between the chain, the blue beads and the other ones.

    This glass bead at the end of your post is amazing ! Can't wait to see what kind of creation it triggers !

  5. Your pile of goodies looks so yummy!!! I really like how you used the swirl pendant and the clever way you made swirl connectors. Very nice! The blue necklace is cool, too. Nice accent dangles!

  6. So much fun and wonderful stuff!

  7. Wonderful materials to work with! Can't wait to see all the possibilities :)

    Well, I think the universe is working some funky magic. The charms original shipment says it arrived today on your doorstep. Wow, what an incubation period of excitement!! Now the best part is the new package that I mailed out Tuesday just left Portland today.

    I want you to keep the second package as my gift to you and see if you can find more inspiration and collaboration. I hope you like the little surprise tucked inside because later I realized that I hadn't created this charm yet and it was really meant to be with you, so it's like magic!


  8. Hi Beth!
    Yipsy Doodle! Hot Diggity Dog. You're the awesome-est.
    Thank you. I sent you an email - my hubby said the package is there and waiting for me!!
    I'll be in touch later on.

  9. I had a wonderful package waiting for me in my mailbox today as well!! My wonderfully (word?) awesome, fantastic prize bracelet came today! I'm sure people say this all the time, but it really is even prettier in person! The colors are perfect for fall, and it even matches the outfit I wore today...I don't know how you do it, but you know exactly which elements and colors to put together to make a perfect piece of jewelry! Thank you x 100!!

    On another note, I have been eyeing the owls in Squishyfish's store for quite some soon as I start selling some things in my own store, I will own one!

    Thanks again,

  10. WOW! Huge post! Too much to comment on. So many goodies!

  11. Oh, you picked a goodie for your owl collection. Mine is sitting on the bookshelf. He is probably wondering where I am and why I'm not cleaning and organizing. I imagine that he'll be thinking this for the next three weeks if he's not already moved on to the books yet.

  12. lorelie, thanks for making such wonderful pieces with our porcelian; what a gift you have!

    Joan Tucker, Off Center Productions


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