1. This is sooooo lovely! I just can't get enough of the cherry quartz!

  2. Thank you!!
    I have been holding onto this owl for ages and ages.
    I'll definitely have to order more these little guys. They are so cute.

    I am going to list this necklace today.

  3. Very, very cool! I'm really into keys right now, and that was an awesome use for a key in a necklace--the "framing" effect of the background rocks.

  4. Thanks Laurelmoon

    I always wished my name had been Laurel. I love it.
    Thanks for the comment. Have finally listed this necklace for sale in my shop.

  5. That owl is the most adorable thing... I love the various types of quartz (or quartz-looking) stones all around it.

  6. These look like little pieces of juicy grapefruit. Tasty piece. This one will knock 'em dead :)

  7. Anonymous8/05/2008

    I hold onto the same little owl, lorelei. I cant bear to part with him just yet since hes so darn plump and precious =)
    the necklace is absolutely fabulous!!!
    2 more days till joe and larry return..do you think we can all meet up at the regal beagle for cocktails.
    you can be janet and I'll be crissy =)


  8. No, I wanna be Crissy!
    Janet is so.... I don't know. She has bad hair.
    Can't there be two Crissy's?


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