A Perfect Day

What a perfect, and fun day I had today! I went to the CNY Regional Farmers Market, not only for the fine produce and goodies, but to meet in person, an Etsy friend! It was so awesome. Nancy from Round Rabbit sets up a table every Saturday and I finally made it to see her in person. I think we hit it off fabulously, and I'm so happy to have met a new friend. PLUS, she's from my hometown, and I'll get to see her when I visit my parents. We chatted long and hard about all things crafty, Etsy, jewelry, our favorite online bead shops, and suppliers. What fun! Here are some pics from the day. Oh, and I got a few goodies from Nancy while I was there. A fancy little pair of porcelain stud earrings, and one of Nancy's beautiful signature bracelets to match a ring I had gotten from her a few months ago. YOWZA! I'm a' Stylin' now baby!

A bushel of berries for dessert tonight!

The perfect Farmer's market shot, Thanks Nancy!

Everyone thought Nancy was selling these gladiolas... even though she wasn't sitting anywhere near them!

Part of the Round Rabbit display...

My goods

New Friends! :)
Thanks, N, for such a great day today! I am looking forward to hanging out again!


  1. Oh man, I'm so jealous of your goods! The earrings are gorgeous... I'm not sure if they can outrank the bracelet in my eyes, though. The beautiful azure color with the brown around it just has a little somethin' somethin'.

    The photos in this just make me feel good inside. (Although the blueberries also made me feel a bit hungry.) The colors are bright, and everything looks so fresh! I'm glad you had such a nice day. (:

  2. Great tour! Her table and work look really lovely. It looks like a fab farmers market! Thanks for letting us all tag along!

  3. Anonymous8/10/2008

    you are so cute =)


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