Re-Worked Work

I worked on two small things last night in the studio. First of all, I made some earrings using Nancy's (Round Rabbit) ceramic buttons. These used to be a bracelet that I had made ages ago, and it just didn't sell in the shop so I took it all apart and thought earrings would be cute. I paired the buttons with some cool green chrysoprase rondelles, and of course, Vintaj brass earring wires. (Now listed in the shop)

Then I took apart the bird necklace with Jennifer Stumpf's message bar, and re-worked at into a bracelet. It's so comfortable and super

I did several different things with it before I come up with this final design. None of which worked - I tried different chain, I tried wire-wrapping sections of faceted prehnite, I
tried dangles. Everything was so busy. This
design is something I would wear. I might list it if I see interest from this post.

I love the message and will definitely submit it to Art Bead Scene this month, the theme is Something to Say.

Have a good Thursday ya'll. (*Happy Birthday Momma!)


  1. I LOVE this message charm as a bracelet! It looks like it was made to be wrapped around a wrist. The design is simple and cohesive with just enough dangles...well done!

    The saying really resonates with me as well. It seems to me that when you try to control things in your life too much, things just don't go smoothly. When you relax and let things happen in there own time, everything starts falling into place.

    P.s. I am fairly new to the blog and jewelry world, but I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!


  2. HI Lisa!
    I'm glad that you are a regular reader of my blog. I enjoy keeping it and I'm glad that people are getting something out of it.
    Thank you for your nice words about this bracelet. It's so great to have a forum available to actually get some feedback. I had just an etsy shop for quite some time, before I started my blog, and it was hard because the only feedback I had was that of my husband! :)

  3. I like how the bracelet turned out that you have inspired me to go back and rethink some of my own designs! Hey, check out my blog today. I just posted a blurb about our trade. I hope the postman delivered your goods yesterday!

  4. The Bracelet is great! I really do like the idea of this message bar as a bracelet. The message is a constant reminder to the wearer. Every time she glances down, she will see the message and remember to breathe and just relax!

  5. Yay! It is sooo cute! LOVE IT!

  6. hey! what a too-cool idea. I love it!
    never would have thought of that, you
    clever gal.

  7. Anonymous8/14/2008

    Lorelei- that came out spectacular! I rework things all the time, am seldom satisfied with things at first. We are our own worst critics. But that, my dear, would be hard for me to sell, I would want to keep it!

  8. Both pieces turned out great! Looks like it was a good decision to rework the former pieces.

  9. Anonymous8/16/2008

    love it lorelei =)
    great choice


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