Some New Storage

Last night I decided to do a little rearranging so that I could incorporate this new tray that I found when I went to the the big Antique fair a couple weekend ago. This spot was filled with little plastic bins so in order to make room and I had to condense what was in the bins and choose what I wanted to put in this tray. I decided to put alot of bigger beads- wood and stone, all of my lamp work glass, (man I really need one of these!), pewter, fine silver, Humblebeads and Heather Wynn polymer clay beads and pendants and then leave the plastic bins for the smaller glass and gemstone beads. I actually was able to do it, and took away 3 empty plastic bins! And look at all the space I still have left in the wood tray!

Below, you can see a better view of the plastic bins with the tray. I need another c0uple of tables! On the opposite side of the room I have a day bed. That should go somewhere else and then I could line that wall will tables. Also in this picture you see a smaller wood tray at the back of the table. This one is really cool- I picked it up at work. They were going to get rid of it! It's completely lined with navy blue velvet and the bottoms of the trays are cushioned. SO I store all of my porcelain and ceramic pieces here.

Now I just need a better system for the jewelry that's made. Right now I have it hanging on the wall on this tie rack. But it's overflowing and on the day bed, I've started to lay out pieces there since this things is so packed. Does anyone have a better system for keeping the necklace/bracelets?
And this is new my INSPIRATION BOARD! These are just cork squares that I stuck on the wall with little sticky pads into a larger rectangle. It'd be nice to extend this another row, since the print-outs are taking up a lot of space. I found these necklace projects at Beading Daily!
Sorry for the horribly blurry pictures. I'm thinking it was just too dark in that room to take pics without flash but I like the look of the pictures without flash. So they'll have to do.
So I'm headed out of town this morning. I may blog throughout the weekend, I'm bringing my laptop with me to stay in touch. We have lots of fun planned- A trip to the Outlet malls for some back to school clothes (and goodies for me too), a Yankees game for Joe, and a trip to Foxwood's casino with my mother in law for me. :) Wish me luck! We could use some extra bead money$$!
See you when I get back!


  1. Honey, looks like you'd better add a rider policy for that room to your home owners insurance.

    I'd never get anything made - I'd be too busy looking at all the pretties!


  2. My system for storing my Etsy pieces isn't very exciting but it works nicely. I just put each piece in a small clear ziplock bag and line them up in a cardboard flat. They stay untangled, dust free and are easy to locate when they sell. :)

  3. I love what you've done with the tray.


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