Sunday FunDay

Above are some awesome beads that I recently received from a trade with Jordan Menicucci of The Alchemist's Daughter. She is really so talented and I found her on Flickr. Take a look at her photos here.

Couple of things to show you today. Gotta make it quick though. I'm headed up to Oswego for the day to see my sister. YAY! I'm really excited to get a look at the campus and her dorm, probably will go out to lunch and hopefully spend some nice quality bonding time together before her classes officially start tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll post pics of my day there.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm going to be offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING all week this week. I am also going to be discounting various items each day so keep checking back often. I probably won't blog about each one, so you have to go and search them out at the shop.

Here is my Lisa Peters loot! Are they awesome!
I'm most likely going to hoard them for a while while
I think of the perfect design for each one. The connectors
are so fabulous, and will make perfect pendants, or even bracelet focals.

Here is my Beth Hemmila HINT loot!
This was part of a fabulous trade that I did with her a few weeks ago.
Her package was in limbo back and forth across the country for a week or so.
I'm so pleased to have finally gotten them. I haven't taken the earrings
out since I got them!! The dragonfly piece is a small button!
I'm thinking it will make a nice button clasp. And the little leaf
charm is so adorable! Beth's pieces are all out of this world. I hope to eventually get her
OWL pendant.

Here is a necklace I created over the weekend. This piece won't be sold at the shop. I want to try to submit it to a beading publication. Wish it luck! I used Round Rabbit's ceramic pendant as the toggle loop. I also used some fused silver rings from Lynn Davis, a lamp work glass round from Cindy Hoo, and a ceramic coin from Off Center Productions. The rounds are seafoam green glass, jade rondelles, Cherry quartz and small matte seed beads.

I am particularly proud of this piece below. I love the color combination and it just sort of HAPPENED in the studio yesterday. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. I used the wafer bead from Heather Powers as the button clasp, some wood, some glass, some citrine and jasper and a Vintaj Brass Co. swirly charm which I got at my local bead shop. Fell in love with it!!
And finally BeezleBub. Just a fun necklace
using some beads from Terrestrial. It's nice and earthy and would go with many outfits. I'm sure I'll be able to wear this one a few times before it sells, I hope!
Have a good SUNDAY and I'll see you all tomorrow! :)


  1. Great, fun new stuff! Can't wait to see what you do with the rounds! They are delish! Love the key with the round rabbit piece!

  2. Congrats, Lorelei. Your new creations are gorgeous! As always, you create beautiful and awesome jewelry.

  3. So cool! You always do such neat things with my pieces. :)

  4. The key and "moon" (I know it's not necessarily supposed to be a moon, but it looks that way to me) piece is exceptionally gorgeous. I can't wait to see it in print.


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