Sunday Funday

A nice weekend so far.... We got into Connecticut yesterday afternoon. On the way here we stopped at my favorite- The Outlet Mall! Love it! 3 of my favorite shops there: The Gap, Banana Republic and J. Crew. Joe got some nice shirts and pants at J Crew, and I found a pair of black pants at Eddie Bauer, and a pair of gray striped dress pants and an awesomely cute top at Banana Republic. The pants were only $13- gotta love a good bargain. It allowed me to buy the shirt which was not on sale for $34! ;) The way women justify things while shopping.

Got to Joe's mother, enjoyed a nice gathering of all the family with a cookout and good wine/conversation. Today Joe headed off to the Yankee game- they lost :( 6 to 2. But I think it was good to experience one of the last games at that stadium.
Meanwhile I headed to Mohegan Sun casino with my mother-in-law, and her sister Terry and brother in law Nelson.
Here's the bottom line: I really don't like gambling. People are HARD CORE - it's really quite scary. I hate losing money. It was super busy, SUPER SMOKY ick, and the only good thing was the buffet lunch. Now we're back home and relaxing waiting for Joe and his sister and family to get back from the game.
I'm getting geared up for little overnight work trip to NYC this coming week. I was kind of bummed because Joe starts school this week and couldn't come with me this time. BUT, the good news is, I found a travelling companion. She jumped at my offer to accompany me and I'm so excited that she's joining me. We'll do dinner, the American Natural History Museum, a little bead shopping, and whatever other fun we can find! Thanks N, can't wait!

As I was doing my daily blog reading tonight, I saw on Heather Powers blog that she was only 2 away from 600 sales, and the the 600th sale would get a little goodie bag. I'm all about the goodie bag. Here's what I ordered- I'm psyched! thanks Heather!


  1. Hee hee! Metalliferous here we come! :) Can't wait!


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