I came across this little guy out on the front porch last night. He's very small, about the size of my thumbnail. I wonder what kind of bug he is?

I love my camera! Great shot, huh? He was very photogenic!

Just taking a rest....

Look what I got yesterday! Superfay is
such a great shop. Jen made these bracelets and she normally uses vintage buttons like the bracelet on the right. I had a lovely Mamacita Beadworks pewter Mum button, and sent it to Jenn and she custom created this bracelet on the left, for me!
Jen has lots of different things in her shop besides bracelets. Check it out!

A new necklace, to be listed this morning, in the shop.
The light this morning, is dim, so the photographs of this piece did not really come out very well. I created this piece last night. The one and only piece of jewelry I was able to do last night. I had such high hopes. Had the house to myself. Nothing but time to dream up many pieces. But no. This is it for today. I am hoping for better luck tonight.
This necklace was inspired by another necklace in Semi-Precious Salvage.
I used Kathy Domokos chain from AD Adornments around the back. A little brass connector bird attaches to a sterling S clasp that is hooked to a lovely handmade lamp work glass ring from Beads of Passion.The three strands at the front are sterling chain, more AD Adornments chain, wire-wrapped Czech glass, strung jade rondelles with small cornerless cubes. The focal bead is a lovely lentil from KelleysBeads. More jade rondelles and a flat oval grey stone attached to a small brass oval ring.
The dangles: Green Girl Studios Feather charm (on the back, it reads: To Thine Own Self Be True) and a stunning faceted briolette of Tourmalated Quartz.


  1. Man, that is just plain gorgeous! I love how you can use so many different items, put them all together and they harmonize perfectly and yet get attention individually. It's a beauty!

  2. Oh sweet!
    You don't think it's too busy?
    Thanks for stopping in!

  3. your necklace is gorgeous! I love the mixture of different pieces- so pretty. The pic of the bug was pretty amazing- I need a new camera- mine could never take such a clear pic!

    Beautiful work! I found you on Jessicajane's unconditional love blog wheeee!

  4. oh thank you so much! I'm glad you stopped by!
    Please come back again~ I host jewelry giveaways, about twice a month.
    I just found JessicaJanes blog this morning actually!
    I love it!

  5. very lovely. I like the bird offset by the opposite large bead. oh, i believe your little friend is a common stink bug. =)

  6. Feathers, winds and soaring birds, it's so like you, Lorelei. I know, you need some dark patina wire to use! LOL

  7. Anonymous8/01/2008

    Im with jennifer, I think thats a stink bug..looks just like the one in bugs life =)
    hes a cutey patootie though.
    what a kick ass camera you have lorelei!!
    oh, and that new piece is AMAAAAAAAZING !!!
    wowza =)

  8. Cute as a bug in a... or maybe he's snug? If he didn't hiss or spray anything... Was he nice? Very cool necklace! I love the light colors.

  9. That is one beautiful necklace, Lorelei. You are amazing.


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