And she's off....

I'm so excited...went to Barnes and Noble last night to pick
up some reading material for my annoying 4.5 hour train ride to NY today. Got my most coveted issue of Simply Beads, and the new Wire Style by Denise Peck. This book is AMAZING! I loved every single project in it when flipping through it at the store, especially all the designs by Kerry Bogert of Kabs Creative Concepts. Man does that girl have TALENT! Not only great bead designs, but she is very creative when using her beads in jewelry.

When I flipped through Simply Beads, I was sucked in by
most of the projects. I was wanting to get both Simply Beads AND
Step By Step Beads but at a whopping $5.99 a PIECE, I had
to pick one or the other. (because I knew I wasn't leavin the store without Wire Style! lol :)

So the reason I'm going to NY is because I have to courier artwork to
a museum there. Very exciting, I know. I take it for granted sometimes. I'm not sure how I got lucky to get this little trip because at the museum, I'm not the one that gets first dibs. Just really lucky this time!
Here's the thing though! You're gonna kill me when I tell you this! Someone has to courier artwork to Paris... But I'm too scared to go. OMG I KNOW! What is wrong with me!? But I've never been outside the US, have no French language background whatsoever, and I'd never be able to afford to take Joe with me so that means I'd have to go completely alone and what fun is that!?
K well, I'm off... Will show you all my goodies when I return!


  1. Paris, are you kidding? Shake down some shots of whiskey and get on that plane, girl! I'll go with you!

  2. Anonymous9/04/2008

    Ohhh...what can we all do to convince you that you'd have a great adventure if you went to Paris? I just know with a little advance planning and an agenda, you'd have a great time...if not, maybe I could go in your place?

  3. Ok, lady! Um. Get over it! I know I'd be the same way! Totally freaked. And then I'd get over it. Have a few kids. You'd fly on your own wings! ; )

  4. Anonymous9/04/2008

    Paris! How exciting! I have to confess though, I'd be the same way. Maybe someone else could pay for their own trip to go with you?
    (Love the looks of your new book Wire Style.)


  5. What?!?!?! Are you nuts!!!!!

    Valium and vodka... you'll wake up on landing. The French people do speak English you know. It is required for them in their school studies.

    Paris is easy to get around in and is very safe for a girl traveling by herself.

    One of those things that you will regret later on ... shoulda, coulda, woulda.


  6. PARIS!!! You gotta go! You never come back the same they say... I took my daughters a few weeks ago, okay I know its only a 50 minute flight from the UK but its an amazing city. The most expensive in the world though, be prepared to pay 5 euros for a coffee! They also have craft markets on a Sunday....
    Lisa H

  7. get over yourself. go.

    it's so worth it.

    most of the countries I've travelled to, I've done on my own. it's very liberating!

  8. Anonymous9/04/2008

    I love those bead books, too! I received a gift in the mail today from my is your "Live, Love, Laugh" necklace with the bird imprinted on the bead. I love it!!

  9. You should definitely GO!! and just enjoy letting it happen however it comes ... You will never forget the City of Lights - (did I mention my passport is up to date, I speak french and I have relatives that still live just outside Paris)- LOL

  10. Anonymous9/06/2008

    Get a grip (and I mean it in a very nice way), and GO.
    Since when do you need to speak the language to go abroad anyway ?

  11. Anonymous9/06/2008

    valium and vodka.LOL!
    what a kick ass support group you have going here....

    please go to Paris!
    Im already starting a waif diet so you can sneak me into your luggage ;)

  12. Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog. I am honored! YOU ROCK!!


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