Beth is My Jig Master Flash

So one day I mentioned on my blog that I had seen someone on their blog talk about how they made their own earring jig. And lo and behold. it was Beth Hemmila of Hint! (read her post here) Being the very non-tool-oriented, clumsy, hit- my- finger- with- a- hammer type of girl that I am, I asked Beth if she would make jig for me! And she did! And it's awesome! And totally fool-proof!

Perfect earring wires every time! How cool is that?? Now all I need to get is a Bur(r) cup so I can finish off the ends of the wires.

Here are some custom pieces that I did today for one of my most awesome customers. I love how they both turned out. I used little ceramic leaves from Every Heart Crafts. Erin just listed a bunch of large leaf pendants. Go check out her shop!

And then this necklace, I used a lamp work glass ring from Beads of Passion. Leah is one of the nicest, most talented glass artisans on Etsy today. She whipped these lovely rings up special for me. And it worked out perfectly for this charm necklace. The title of her shop says it all- she is a glass artist passionate about her craft. It's so obvious!